Keith Bond Jr.

Mind Over Matter vent#3. by: KEITH BOND JR (The Painter)

How do yu be open minded to others space as yu live in a hamster shell.
Only to be left subsided by there personal actions on how they feel. When yu is lost to what there going thru personqwlly. Even Doe they refuse to understand your perception to why YU feel the way YU feel. There still caught in there own feelings of how they feel towards yu at that moment of time. Now the tug war begins. Yu try to shield yourself by taking the high road. Reminding yourself why YU change from feeding that monster inside YU. Its best to not inflict harm or to open the door for the opportunity to exist. I choose to pray to God when I’m lost in this matter. Mind Over Matter at all time. I say to YU as YU read this , when ever yu is having a petty argument about something that’s material or irrelevant. Be open minded to why they feel that way, and don’t try to correct it.Its good to just understand how they feel an accept there vent of emotions, as YU over look the whole situation. Find your own inner peace an desperate your self from the whole conflict….

Mind Over Matter vent#3

DOC #537-103

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