Dennis Watson

Love’s Expression By Dennis J. Watson

I’ve done all that i need to express my love for you, between the 2 of us it should be nothing to touch the depths or our connection without words. I’ve learned how to observe & serve you with no limitations. Can i taste the lust you’re willing to give. Even if it leads to enough passion to create another life within? I’ve slid down razorblades into sodium lakes to make sure we stay as one. Will it become more than we’ve ever imagined it could be. Face to face & bodies laced together in pure satisfaction like it should be. We, know better the togetherness is better than the alternative. With everything inside i barely share with anyone with nothing torn between, you receive. My grievance has come to a halt, so only you are able to sooth me & hold me close enough to hear the beating of your heart. With all this time lost in transition with this unusual position i’m not knowing where to start. I’ve parted with who was supposed to love me, but wouldn’t. Surviving everything & becoming stronger when she thought i wouldn’t. I still stand for all i believe & fall for nothing. Deep in the midst of the slumber will you still be here with me, tucked in. I’ve sinned enough for the both does it really count when you have to do what you must? One touch from you would set the tone, & truly answer the question of where i belong, but do i need to ask. Some things need no words to know what answers they have. The last thing i remember is being sentence to 15 years & you being one of the 3 i seen. Coming to visit me alone staring at each other through a sheet of thick plastic. After all this time trying to convince me she would stay, but it’s you who lasted. I’ve asked God so many times, but he never responds directly. Beyond talking & laughing at the crazy things i say there a deeper connecting. Do we ask respectfully?, or let be what is at this moment. As weeks go by i grown more hungry for you until my stomach is moaning. I’ve said poems & fell in deep zones trying to picture what home looks like. I honestly have not one clue in that aspect i’ve become blind. Why does no one stay long enough to love me? It’s not like i’m ugly or anyone refuses to touch me. With all these feeling i have slowly sitting inside it feels like when it comes to being alone they rush me. Touch me, remind me that i’m still inside this shell of flesh. That everyone seems to leave rot with the rest of the dead. My head & heart have chosen you not to depart from. If i gave all that i feel to you at once, would you then run? Run kind of man i’ve become or would you stay? When it’s time for love to be made would you leave or would you lay? You don’t have to be afraid, i’ve been hurt too. More times than i’d like to admit i had to go through. I chose you before i knew i did, admit all i need to & was honest when i did. Will this come to an end, or be a beautiful beginning. I don’t date, or put titles on the things that i’m feeling, for you. Only truth, honesty, respect, understanding & love can become of me. I sleep uncorrectly because i’ve never known if your heart, is at ease, from love’s expression

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936

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