Marvin Burrage


yes living next to that graveyard was crazy,I remember running as fast as I could and people catching me and trying to put me in this box,I would wake up and just lay there,and also back in these days you can come outside and watch the Black Nationals march that was fun because everybody would be trying to march,and also it was a bunch of family fights,now those was fights wasn’t no guns or knife, all hands,and another thing I hated it seems like when you got your hair cut off everybody knew about because they lined the stairs waiting for you to come out and it was like going down a soul train line but only this one,you was getting slapped upside the head,one day we couldn’t go outside and the ice cream truck was coming in the lot,I called this kid name Mike to the window and asked him to buy the ice cream and throw it up,so I dumped all the money out the banks and threw it down to him,I never got the ice cream but I got the shit beat out of me,but the next time I was locked in the house I knew how I was getting out and that was to tie a sheet to the heater and let it hang out the window and to get back in you had to climb back up the same way,I was going to the store one day and one of the twins tryed to take my money so we fought and I like to think I won the fight because the next time I seen him,him and his brother jumped me…I was so glad when we moved away from that graveyard, now we lived next door to Orlando bakery and you smelled fresh bread all day to the point it made you hungry,just when you think you can sleep in peace here comes Gene, he was knocking at the door about 11 or 12 at night and we said we ain’t getting whipped tonight so we locked all the windows and pushed forks down in them and we all hide somewhere in the house,wouldn’t you know it,this man climbed all the way up to the actic and came into the house,even before the lights came on everybody was hollaring everybody in the house got whipped with the cord and the his made everybody get in the tub and the water was cold I think it was five or six of us in the tub sitting on each other,the next day Willie packed his shit and said he was going back to ILL and never coming back,I don’t know what drove this man but whatever it was it was ugly,I can honestly say the man had me scared to death,whatever he said do,I did it without talking back or asking why,he never told me one thing positive that I can remember,I was so scared of this man that just the mention of his name I had to shit,I ran away one day and I know didn’t nobody know these people,the phone ranged I answered it and his voice was on the other end and he said I will be there in a minute,I dropped that phone and ran from Garfield on the other side of St Clair all the way to east Cleveland Penrose,now till this day when I think about it,I don’t think that was him I think I was that messed up,I didn’t want to be around my family or have anything to do with Gene, so I ran away every chance I got,I didn’t care where I slept at,in the bus stop,in the park on the bench,somebody’s car and if it was winter I slept in peoples basement without them knowing it,but I’ll be out there basement before they wake up,I go to the store grab a toothbrush put some topast on it and brush my teeth,then I’ll put grease in my hair and comb it,wash my face anyway I could and put lotion on and then it was time to start my day,what ever it took to make money I did it,shovel snow,pop bottles,carry bags,I even called the operater and told her I lost my money in the phone,whatever a long distance call cost I told them that’s what I lost and they send the money taped on the back of some paper in the mail,so by the time I get caught and end up back at home the money come soon after,so how ever I had to live I did it and sometimes I had to eat other people leftovers on the table or in the garbage it was all the same to me,I did all this because I wanted the beatings to stop,sometime I got whipped even when I didn’t do nothing,finally she put me in Hudson’s group home,man I loved that place,this was I think around 78 or 79,I was the one who started everybody to running campus because the girls was on the other side,so at night we would climb out the windows and run around to there dorms,I meet this girl named Renee Barnes man she was fine as hell and thick,one night I went to see her and I was sitting on the bed we started kissing and she said let me show you how to kiss another way,she said open your mouth and then she stuck her tongue in my mouth and that felt good,I would see her in school and every night I ran the campus to see her and she even knew my brother Ronnie she said she was in the group home in Indiana with him….my moms moved to Milwaukee while I was in Hudson and I thought that was a good thing until they told me I would be going to Milwaukee to live with her,I was to take the greyhound up there,I ran the campus for the last time to see Renee and told her I will be back….

DOC #A256209


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