Anthony Pierre

“A Symbol of the Creator’s Heart” by Anthony Claude Pierre

If I ever sought to find real, genuine, and unconditional love, I know that I found it in my daughters Antriell & Lawriell, and their gorgeous mother Lillian Marie. But it is not within the huggs and kisses that I found their greatest love, but within their hearts. The mother of my children and daughter’s huggs and kisses are only the symbol of that which God sends through their heart to mine. For indeed, my Moon (their mother), and my Stars (my daughters) are the greatest instruments of my soul’s song. In truth, I have found the highest in my beloved family. And in having found their essence within myself as a mirror reflection, I found freedom, humility, and blessedness. Although we’ve all grown apart physically since my incarceration for nearly 20 years, I carried them all with me in all my tears, suffrage, and forebearance spiritually. The degree and nature of my love for my Creator, through the mother of my children and daughters, extends to the highest altitudes of my spirit. When in my youth of ignorance and folly to understand the mother of my children nature, that which is beyond this world or carnal mindedness, I failed her and my children in my obligated duties as a father and husband in my search for God; for the mother of my children, by her knowing her nature was/is the nature of God- “Love”. Now that I’ve re-gained that which was lost, which was consciousness; I long to be in the bossom of my beloved and the warmth my children’s love. We understand that time awaits no one. But there was a time when time was not. There is no limitation when someone really loves you. Time is an illusion in the mind of those that are caught up in the carnal things made by man. My love entends to that of the fartherest ends of the cosmic universe for my family and those whom have suffered without the presence of a loved one. But there’s great substance in suffering because joy cometh when we all awaken from the illusional snares of the traps set up before us…seperation and hate. If you and our seeds ever read this…before the whole world-I love you. Always have, always will and I’m sorry for abandoning you and our kids all thee years. Hotep Empress.

Anthony Claude Pierre
DOC #356090
at Raymond Laborde Correctional Center,

Dedicated to my beautiful daughters Antriell Pierre and Lawriell Wilson and their mother Lillian Marie. This 17th, day of the month October, 2018, A.D.

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