Dennis Watson

“The Need” By Dennis J. Watson

With this song playing in my ear, i fear that i’ll get too carried away with what i say. They very day i knew i would have you all too myself, was the day i plotted the ways to make you melt. I’ve felt things before, but never like this, the places i will lick & kiss will send the most evil woman into evelasting bliss. This isn’t about them though, but 10 fold i will show my full appreciation. Suckin on hidden places without a drop of it wasted. My hands on your waist is… Only the beginning of me entering into your sweet abyss. Lips, softer than kitten fur, & only i have the special capability to make it purr. I prefer you in heels, but i feel it’ll be a evening without sheets, so nothing is hidden. All the past infraction of the ex’s are forgotten & forgiven. Deeply swimming in yo passion with less than a fast grinding motion. Splashes of the ocean & uncontrollable moaning is zoning you into another galaxy. I guarantee none will please your body better, or last as long as me. Sweet nothings are whispered into your ear with clear understanding. Every your anatomy you’ll proudly hand me. Tasting candy dancing on my taste buds enhancing the hunger i already have for you. The amount of orgasms you’ll have, you’ll swear you were tagged by 2. I knew from the 1st conversation that your love wasn’t ment to be wasted, so i’m faced with. Making love to you with the effort that i’ve never given another woman before. This the highest of exultations & most of the reasons i was adored. Rocking the bed slowly, but shaking the floor board to splinters. You’ll be my breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus dessert, 1st allow me to suck the soul out of you throbbing hole as you lose the last remaining portion of control you thought you had to hold onto. As much as you turn me on there’s probably nothing that i won’t do, & i know it. Lots of affection positioning the pivot of this moment, we know exactly where we belong. Never having this feeling before & the strength of it is steriod strong. Lasting as long as you can take it, our naked bodies enlaced with the most gracious of movement like a dancer that has mastered ballet. We intertwine & tangled our private of parts like a cross stitches. I’ll fullfill & surpass your inner fantasies & wishes. I’ve missed you, but never had it, you’re the best of one of the worst habits that i never tasted. I guarantee that once my tongue has grazed your pineapple glaze it’ll enrage the beast with that thirsts for gallons more of the sweet necter. The space between the lips between your thighs will be the most respected. I’ll leave you as wet as pacific & atlantic, but more frantic than a mother that lost her child. I know this is something you’ve never had, but waited a while, to receive. You’ll need me multiple times to feel how you need like a chemo treatment. Once you exposed your heart to me, i knew what your body needed.

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936


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