Dennis Watson

No Dates… By Dennis J. Watson

We don’t date, we just make love until our bones aches, orgasms followed by muscle spasms are never faked, & i do create them, lick everything from your toes to your brain stem, i’m the same him that’ll do it, slowly screw your bolts loose until you release clear fluid it’s, euphoric, passion & pleasure without measure enough to not ignore it, you’ll swore you’ve just space traveled, upon my skin saddle large amounts of pain will unravel until your dazzled with satisfaction, my massive appetite has you lower tongue tingling with every motion, you’ll scream out God after oh while i try to steal your soul from this soiled place, glaze my lips & face with your heated taste that makes me more hannibal, look into my eyes grab the back of my head & force my mouth into you cause it turns me on, upon your climax from my tasty snack you’ll sleep without a yawn, exhaustion falls faster than nascar & erases all you thought the others achieved, The way i present myself & dedicate it to your inner melt you’ll swear it’s christmas eve, everyday of the week, There’s no peak because we know no limitation, whenever my name is mentioned you’ll throb in familiar places, basically, i will do whatever you ask of me, the hunger has me grabbing you & falling down on both my knees, whenever the need is requested, once my swollen love invades your dove you’ll swear it was a perfect fit, shiiitt, only made for you, making you cum 2 times faster than you usually do, that’s the anticipation will make you lose, control, because how many souls really wait to mold their bodies together like perfect sculptures, i’ll even eat you while you’re dead asleep, yea i am a vulture, hasn’t these words taught you that i’m a pleaser? the shower steam will fullfill your dreams & turn you into a believer, without being baptised, the last guy might have done a thing or 2, he won’t invade your mind again, cause that’s one thing you’ll lose.

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936

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