Paul Stotts

“Happiness in one minute… give it a try” By Paul Stotts

Have you ever ran across really good advice. I don’t mean the daily advice that you hear, maybe half heartedly take, maybe think on for a few minutes and then pass by. I’m talking about the type of really good advice that stays with you.
Sometimes that advice is so simple, yet the though of “why didn’t I think of that runs through your mind time and again. Maybe you read it in a book, we’re spoken it from a friend, or just dawned on you one day?
Well I have… and one of those came through a book I was reading called “The Happiness Project.”
The women writing this book mentions many simple things that she has started doing to make her life a bit happier.
In prison, I’m always looking for a way to be a bit more happy. I took note of many things in this read, but one stuck out a bit more than others. Here it is… so simple… yet so life changing.
“If there is a task that can be done in a minute or less… do it right now, don’t put it off.”
That is the “Happiness Project” advice that has really brought a bit of happiness into my life!!! In my little 10foot by 6foot cell, there are so many small tasks I put off. Sometimes I don’t wash a bowl, sometimes I leave a book out of place. Maybe I don’t get a stamp out to mail a letter. All these little things add up, and at times I find myself overwealmed with the smallest of things in my small (but confortable) cell.
Try it!!! Make it work for you. It’s actually took a bit of stress out of my life. I plan to continue to work this and see how things go!!!
Have a wonderful day and do what you can to stay positive and happy!!!

Paul Stotts
DOC #93319

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