Thomas Herbert

by Thomas Herbert

Hello World,

You know what I have been thinking lately? Of course you don’t! So I’ll tell you. Everybody wants to live these secret lives and keep everthing swept under rugs that seem to never truly cover over the condensed mess that lies underneath. The pretend to llive lives that are fanciful or far fetched from the actual realities they actually exist within. Everybody wants to wear a mask to cover all of those hidious blemishes , painting a fascade that can manuver them past societal road blocks. All inorder to trick the unsuspecting viewers int buying into them. Usually these things don’t last long once the hoax is discovered. I term that “living plastic”. It’s one of those things that I can’t do. Why live a life wrapped in plastic. Trying desperatly to hide all the things that may make society curse me or discard me as trash t othe burn pile. Te hway I see it is that society can and will do this to you for almost anything. So if I have to live mylife hidding behind societies eyeblinders so it never sees the real person that dwells inside of it to what end do I hide and to what purpose does it hold any relavance? If society wil lthrow us away for any little thing claiming that numbers deem us to be creatures or inhuman entities, and that strick laws is teh only way to govern a ppl, then what is the use of pretending to be someone I am not or hiding my problems or who I am from something tha doesn’t give two fucks about us except that only there are enough of us left to keep things running. The more I sit here and contemplate this the more I learn the more I see the cattle that we are to this contry we love so dearly yet never recieving that love back. Then they want to fine us take our jobs and lock us up for not pledging allegance or refusing to stand for the national anthem. And we call this freedom! WE don’t belive in freedom enough to even be who we really are so we continue to hide our flaws with false advertisment and chemicals that make us appear perfect to the world around us. Never truly being our selves and being free of all that doesn’t really matter. At the end of teh day we are ppl and we have identities ,and our problems make us who we are. For some of us if we gained a voice and the courage to just be us there may be a habd out there who can reach out to save us from watever it is tha ails us. I sit in prison with a 40 yrs sentence for being a friend. In my efforts I killed a man , not that I ment to because th fight never should have happened.But it did and there is noting I can do to change that no matter how bad I want to. If I could have taken his place I would have. What good does it do for to families to hurt over his when only one could. It’s a hard thing to say maybe but my families dysfuctional anyway. They woudl hurt for a while but they would return back to normal. Those ppl wo lost their son that day woudl ot be in the pain they have been in though. America see me now as some criminal who lives a life of crime and plunder, but they will never knwo howmany ppl I have helped or how many I have saved or the may times I tried. The y wil lneve rknwo how many children they have taken me from and I honestly don’t see that they care.Dark skin and slave ancestory makes me a beast by nature is how I believe they see me. But really I am better than they may ever know

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