Anthony Waters

THE MUSIC by Anthony L.Waters


I hear music in my head and I want to share it,
it’s colorful and sorrowful,
I discovered it deep in my heart like the depth of the oceans floor,
the melody stuck in my head as though it was the sand on the oceans shore.

the music in my head is so beautiful and unique,
it plays for years through out the months days and weeks even when I go to sleep,
a melody that people scared me to get to know,
it reminds me of wall paper on the wall in the dark that begains to glow,
refreshing like the wind on a hot day when it spirit blows.

am I crazy and just hearing things that don’t exist,
it’s like a heavenly feeling that I can’t resist,
the music playing over and over its own lil song,
it says don’t worry about losing because u have already won,
it tells me u don’t have to know how to sing because God blessed u to write him a beautiful poem,
it’s gental and for once I’m keeping it’s temple and its simple as the restoration of my soul which makes me whole,
I know you may want to know how I know,
well when something feels so right it automatically takes control.

The music I hear in my head brings forth life so that means it raise the dead,
I learned u don’t have to see it just believe it in order to play it,
I hear music in my head playing,
I never knew until now what that music is saying.

I am somebody,
I have an aptiude
I am hansom,
I am a conquer over all,
I am blessed,
my heart is palpable by true love
I will have whatever my heart desire as I run across furious fire.

I seek and thou shall find,
I lay back while I meditate and let the music take my mind,
I found out that this is the solution to over come time.

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786

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  1. An on Oct 16th 2018 is when you was standing there lookin at the man in the mirror an jst thn you began to find out who what why an when was tha last chapter of that book end So you can start writing abt the hole new an true KING you was Now that you know who you are is your new book an new beginning to ur new journey xo you are a true legend
    Keep up the gud work


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