The Addiction… By Dennis J. Watson

I’m addicted to you every way i could be, but a friend every way i should be. If & can’t is in the wind like an incinerated marijuana tree. Between you & me, i’d be hard to ween me off of you. Because i’ve lost everything i thought i owned to find you. You… Are no mistake, so i hallucinate & beg God for one taste i so anxiously pray for. 1 Hit, just 1 taste & my cravings for it await for more. When i’m sore, you became my pain management. I never overdose like the last man that couldn’t handle it. Repairing my damages, not temporarily like a jameson binge. Lord knows how many shots that are unaccounted for to swim in my sins. 2 sheets to the wind & 7 times over the legal limit. In the blur of my vision the truth i’m never concealing. My feeling & emotions are controlled by the happiest of the score when i smell your aroma. I never share & keep you to self, because he misplaced what he thought he was owning. Slowly coursing through my veins making me zone out, i know now what pink floyd was singing. My upper to my downer that settled the stinging. Bringing me back to balanced, i’ve been challenged to not make you a habit, but i fail. With potentcy so unique under your influence i have no cares, or worries. Before we shared a chemical bond i was an unsolved case of depression. Still i haven’t been to rehab, still haven’t been to confession, simply there’s nothing to express. Beyond a medical grade, so when i bring heat to you i feel it in the bottom of my chest. Yes, i admit you take the stress away 10 fold. Have sold my soul for you yet, but came close to it whenever the syringe injects. Ya never judge or threaten me for the way i’m living. I’m so in control, but lost in, the addiction.

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936

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