(Forever Family) by Robert Cassidy

To me Family is precious and more valuable then any riches I know of on this earth, Depending on how you were brought up and where you come from has a lot to do with the way you perceive family. (FAMILY) is something I thought I lacked due to my perception of what family is or should look like.
But now I know what family really is and what it means to have family.
Where I’m from (Love )and( Loyalty )are the glue that holds my family together, We’re far from perfect but our bond is deeper then finger nail crud,It runs deep through our blood because of the struggles we have been through together,
The struggle is really real I’m realistically in it,From having nothing to having something then back to having nothing again ,Plenty ups and downs but at the end of the day,I have learned that if I have nothing else at all I will have family. They say blood is thicker then water which is true but I have learned that all you need is water to survive, Blood makes you related,Love and Loyalty are what makes you family. I have met ppl along this journey in life who are my family, (Not by blood) But we are thicker then mud,
Binded by the bond we have built through our struggles together,
We have struggled together so now our bond is (forever), They say you can’t chose your family but I beg to differ because some of my family has chosen me .(Family forever) through any storm or weather !
(Free Cass till Cass at home free)
Forever Family

Robert Cassidy
DOC #732-244

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