Keith Bond Jr.

Vent#2 by: Keith Bond, Jr (aka: The Painter)

Liven for me some times feel like a mistake that’s given with no purpose. shadow by the outtakes left sideline by unknown bystanders. wondering when death will swallow me away from this honest misery. born with the consent to my own existence. feeling like I’m in distance with no space in between wishing the life I’m liven is a bad dream. wincen from open wounds match by blistering open soars. confuse on god an myself. am I a germ that’s bad for others health. did I ask to be the person I become. would I be wrong for not fully understanding. How I am place in a vessel. to be trap sabotage by a manipulaten spirit that leaches on the liven. who was never ask permission to exist.
Is this curse a gift only to be a blessing misfit?

I wonder……

Keith Bond, Jr
DOC #537-103

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