Travis Tucker

Peace!!! (Duty) by Travis Sental Tucker (AKA Alpha Omega)

Here’s some personal thought’s from member to you…I no longer see hope, I see a generation of defeated troubled youth thats strung out on drug’s I can’t even name.To give you a clear picture,I’ll try not to be to graphic but these sentiments is real…A young brother told me that in order for him to continue to feel the said drug that he had to place a piece of a strip I.e a medicated over the counter drug at methadone clinics to wing you off of dope inside his anus to get high…Everyone is walking around literally in the matrix.My thoughts for most black people is there reality is a nightmare they don’t care to deal with.So the drug’s put them in a fantasy world keeping them from having to deal with the totality of there existence…To me it’s shameful and it burns deep to a society or prison population so defeated that there conditions become natural and a form of slavery is accepted by way of harsh sentencing… By the time you read and study educating ones own self it almost doesn’t matter anymore with the time that’s being passed down you’ll never be able to make a difference… I got incarcerated at the age of 21/22 for multiple robbery convictions,my reality is the street’s I.e my environment had a strong attracting pull on me,I came from a very poor family where often times as a child we my brothers and sister’s experienced harsh realities like no running water,no light’s,bread for lunch syrup bread for dinner as a child with no education my idol was my big brother who was already hustling at the time…It was more than natural that my path was already laid out for unless something drastic was to take place…I make no excuses or blame anyone other than the ones who birthed me though I love unconditional, But as mothers and father’s it is our duty to see the rise of the cream/children by all means necessary… A lot of times we dont realise that the foods we are feeding them mentally and physically I.e book’s written by colonists who erased our greatness and replaced the truth with a lie or these crazy religion’s we were fed during slavery of a white Jesus with blond hair and blue eye’s when we weren’t allowed to read no other book’s…Ask yourself why weren’t we allowed to read no other books???Black people predate the bible by millions of year’s…..Research the fossil finds of Lucy In africa…This type of mental food destroys a child ability to reason it’s simply the seeds of indoctrination… and ultimately it was given to the slaves to place fear in them and give them hope of a afterlife of a heaven while they work the fields and experience hell on earth while his enslavers was enjoying heaven on earth ….They knew not of a heaven or hell because no one has ever came back from a physical death thus it must be considered through logic and reason that heaven and hell is a mental as well as physical condition…Times are so crazy right now when I look at society I see the devil at work through commercials the news outlet’s the oval office the military….I cannot grasp how in the world can a Blackman go and fight in a war or simply put his life at risk for the same powers that’s responsible for poverty,genocide,mass incarceration, oppression shooting down beautiful black babies in the street in colored communities,They have been occupying foreign land for almost 20 years In Afghanistan, Iraq and other Muslim countries consider other young there babies being bombed under heavy gunfire fammish for right to believe in god and express Islam as they see fit…We are and has been engaged in a religious war,not one of security of a real eminent threat but the threat of the growth of Islam… When one really starts to peel back the layers of this place we call home,you would only be scared beyond measure of how powerful the makings of a few…The CIA been assassinating forien leader’s that oppose the u.s policies at home or abroad or individuals just exercising there right to free speech…. But I don’t want to get to far off course,but we need action and we need it now we need all hands on deck to restore what was once so beautiful about us.This cannot be our truth we have been dragged through the mud made other the self I know how powerful you are…For all one has to do is just look within,there’s a well of untapped potential energy that’s waiting on you…If can change and acknowledge the truth you can change is never easy and it shouldn’t be but woe unto thee that has knowledge and won’t use it….Let’s come together and affect change…Love is the strongest force in the universe I love you all…Peace!!!

Travis Tucker #1091722
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.o. box 488
Burkeville va,23922

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