Keith Bond Jr.

Literature by: Keith Bond, Jr (The Painter)

Due to the fact I now have a kind hearted spirit. I battle the wolves of my spirit. By being Indenial to my loyalty of self. Its strange how others think. It made me feel the same, but how do YU feel the same knowing that YU are , so different. I continue to live in a past of false ambition. The hope I use to chase became a dead end for so many yrs. Believing my friends have greatness in store for me. How true is it! How true I ask myself? Daily I retreat to myself pondering my mind frame trying to see there point of view. Instead of seeking my own morality, my own greatness. It holds more than some value to me. We can share the same task, but we can only seek our own morality of greatness.. Everyday I watch kids die televised across the screen…Every day another mother, father ,son ,brother, sister ,gets slayed. Its normal now like fresh air in the streets of Chicago, that’s becoming its own America inside of America….
The youth.. Believes the only way to conquer your on survival. Is by harming or taking the life of another troubling or innocent soul. YU don’t exist no more nor will YU to yourself for a long time… See my past will always have a hold on me . The principles of my lifestyle is so embedded in me that I can’t over look my choices that are a must to what I perceive in my life. As I continue to breath maybe a good ctizen can understand me with out beliven or condoning how I feel an think. Its what most youths believe today. Not only are they trap, but engulf. See youth do what they witness, and the lies that are instored in there mind. Are now america reality. Society is like a fictional movie on all agendas. B/c we refuse to understand or be understood. Its not just about violence. No sir! What about the conduct of how kids treat one another, and how the parents react to there child. Citzens house hold should not be judge by the opinion of how YU choose to conduct your children. Its strange how diciplent is viewed as abuse . When how we abuse one another every day is over look by majority. Derogatory words are now normal English. Im a Bad #$%*,what’s up #$%* etc…. Its the freedom of speech right. Okay! What does it really defines to the mind, ask your self think about it. Over the decades we voted president after president into office . Only to ride a rollercoaster of blinded liberty for there own personal gain. Why? Stay with me now …….How far must it go for this nation to realize, with out woman we hold no core of existence. Now the whole nation is mentoring young men to believe that its okay to degrade woman . as long as YU has the sources of power to share your opinion….How far must it go for this nation to realize, with out woman we hold no core of existence…….Now think about!

Keith Bond, Jr
DOC #537-103


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