Wayne Harris

**Introduction blog** By Wayne Harris

My name is Wayne P. Harris Jr. #742-927 I am 38 years old. I am a former resident of Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m currently an inmate at Mansfield Correctional Institution located in Mansfield Ohio. My contact info is P.O. Box 788 Mansfield, Ohio 44901. This is for anyone who’d like to contact me on topics or responses to my blogs. Correspondence is welcomed and very much appreciated and will be responded to promptly.
A brief dialogue about my current circumstance. This is my 3rd & last prison number. I’ve gotten married while in prison. I have been sentenced to 3 years on 3-12-18 for having a Weapon While being a Felon which is a non-violent crime. My release date is 3-8-21. I am a very intellectual individual who enjoy conversations about other people’s perceptions of life situations, relationships, ideas, beliefs and worldly views. I’d love to engage in meaningful topics and distribute my opinion of views to anyone who’d love to listen or correspond about any topic. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to bring meaningful insight into my life, feelings and current situation. Hope everyone enjoy and have a blessed day.

Wayne Harris
DOC #742-927


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