George Lane

(Introduction Blog) by George Lane

Hi my name is George Lane, and I’m thirty five years of age doing a 23 to life sentence for Agg.Murder. I will soon be going to the parole board for the first time in (2026) of July, and hopefully by the grace of God I will be blessed with my freedom at that time. This has been a very long journey for me and the loved ones who’ve been in my corner since day one. I really want to speak on behalf of the ones like me who were once young and really didn’t have a true understanding of the power of choice. So, before I go any further with this introduction I would like to thank you so very much Ms.Suzie Jennings for giving people like me a chance too express myself in a positive and productive manner. We all go through different walks of life, but its actually the lesson that you learn while walking the life that you live. I feel that the process of growth will never stop as long as one is still alive, so with that being said it is our mission to not waste time with frivolous things but yet instead focus on things such as growth in our communities with education, communication and helping one another as Brother and Sister. I’ve put in sixteen years of what you can call blood, sweat and tears. And like I said before its been a very long journey that hasn’t been so easy. The only thing that I can truly say about this time being good for me is that it has allowed for me the opportunity to seek for the great potential within me, and to find out who I am as a Man on this Earth. Everyday is a constant fight for me to remain focus on my goal of getting Home to my Family. And I say this because I fight the emotions within me and struggle with my anger and attitude while living in a negative environment. So, as I still struggle I manage to find peace with to keep me focused on the positive path of growth and development. I have a very deep passion for reading, exercising and eating right when given the chance to. But, other than that my days are like the regular everyday I wake up. I give myself some time before I get out of bed and collect my thoughts. Then I get up and stretch and give thanks to the creator of all Worlds. I then warm me up a nice cup of coffee to get the blood flowing all while listening to music. And afterwards I read and do a little bit of my exercising depending on if we have recreation or not. At the end of the day I’m just a regular guy getting by with many goals to accomplish. “I am who I am, and who I am not, I shall never be. It was written with divine love and energy always,

George Lane ID #448-458
London, Ohio.43140

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