Dennis Watson

Introducing Dennis Watson

My name is Dennis Jermaine Watson, I’m 38 years of age & came into the system on may 8th 2011… My expected date to see the parole board (for now) Is may 6th 2026…
I was born in Barberton/Akron ohio, but i was raised in south central Los Angeles California, the city of Watts to be exact… I grew up in Nickerson Gardens project housing On 113th & orchid ave… After 1992 i was forced to meet my mother for the 1st time… Akron ohio became my home for the next 3 years until i strated to dwindle based on my unwelcoming in to her home… My father was doing a stretch for a murder he didn’t commit, so it left me in the care of Hattie Lynn Watson, My Big Mama… I have 3 beautiful daughters, one of them is from a previous relationship, she is caucasian, & i do love her like on of my own… Which leads me here… I was released in 2009 sept, 9th & was given a blessing of my family… For the longest i thought God had Hung it up for me… The next following year i had a daughter Avionna Lynn Watson… All of my daughters have the middle name lynn… It reminds me of Big Mama… Long story short, she’s the reason why i’m here… I lost her due to an accident that the media made out to be hideous… I was given a 15 to life sentence because of the decision of not being represented properly… At the end of the day, the mother of my children still is here & knows that i would never do such a thing to our child, she was our miracle… I guess it was all ment to teach me something that i figure out little by little… Well, now that you knwo the beginning journey with me through out this thing we call life… They call my Boylee Akeem Wali El-Bey, my moorish american name… Hopefully you receive something that can save you or someone cloe to you from this experience called Prison… Most of my free lance writing will be spoken word poetry, with occasional venting about what the system has turned into… Thank you for letting me be here for this…

Dennis Jermaine Watson #A632936
670 Marion-williamsport Road East
Marion Ohio, 43301


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