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note:Latin word mihi ,not mini,spell check changed it

We have been discussing a way to scientifically describe the mind or soul.When we meet sometimes we exchange ideas about how the universe came to be and how sentient beings might exist eternally. There must be some physical process for both the creation of the universe and the mind that has arisen within the hominin brain.Even if god or a infinite being is responsible for these things the need for science and time scales of eons is not obviated.And you have to figure out a way to explain how the big bang was not a singular event upon the real number continuum of infinity.
Religion’s explanations have proved to be dogmatic and therefore inadequate,and science’s too skeptical. So there must be a way for each to subsume some of the others principles.The fact is that we are conscious observers in or part of the spacetime continuum and we indubitably exist(barring any extreme idealism and boldly overstepping Descartes’ cogito ergo sum).So something happened at some point,which defies any atheistic ideals or a god simply uttering the words let there be light…Sara and I wonder,can it be demonstrated, apodeicticly, that the mind or soul is not merely a byproduct of the brain,but a thing in itself and exist independently of it?
we really do not think about the moment of the present,until the day we die….If you might happen to die in a manner which permits knowing that it is happening.By then though,you might despair that it is too late to appreciate the constancy of the present,as you realize that your future is about to disappear.
Einstein had written to the family of one of his close friends who had just died.In order to comfort them he mentioned that physicists do not distinguish between past,present and future,that time is only a stubborn illusion.However,later at some point he conceded that there is something special about the present.This is especially true for someone about to die.
In the calculus it may be described as a displacement vector along a spacetime curve,where that special moment lies nestled in one of the next continuous points,with a seemingly infinite future,one placed after the other,moment to moment,point to point as an interval between them tends toward zero but never quite reaches it- but it does come for each of us,regardless of special relativity’s small t and the inertial reference frames distorting the ordering of events like the rearranging of turned over cups with a hidden coin in one…except that it will turn up the grim reaper’s calling card.Eventually it will be yours and mine.But is this really the end?

The late Stephen Hawking,Lisa Randall,Brian Greene,Neil Tyson,Alan Guth,Andrei Linde,Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose,all hint at the foundational grounds to build a case for explaining the mind or soul scientifically. Not all of those mentioned above necessarily believe in a Rene Descartes type mind/body dualism. The latter two,have both expressed interest in the idea and have even collaborated on scientific papers that show how this could occur. Sara and I merely elaborate upon this basic idea and describe in our own words how we think the process may operate.
One other thing all of these distinguished scientists have in common is that they all talk about multiple universes.There are two basic ways that multiple universes are generated,string theory and inflation theory.Both of their mathematics inevitably result in multiple universes.Guth originally thought up inflationary theory.This describes how a quantum fluctuation jitter sparked the wild instability of a singularity and caused it to exponentially expand.But the thing is,it just does not stop.Presumably beyond our cosmic horizon,another speck of space has been blown up and driven frenetically outward and so on and so on.String theory’s mathematics ,incomprehensible to a layperson,describes the necessity for innumerable universe models(we will elaborate upon all this later).For now just know that when you look up into the night sky,out beyond the unfathomable depths of that darkness,mother nature is doing strange things,like taking infinitesimally small specks of space and hyperinflating them into baby universes,somehow imbued with laws of physics that will govern and shape them into isolated bubble regions,forever beyond our scope of view.This process is eternal.Andrei Linde is one of the few who directly mentions the idea of sentient beings existing in these strange otherworldly realms.Brian Greene does as well.However,I hear no mention of the concept of the mind or soul.Linde has stated he would bet his life that these universes are real and that there are an infinite number of them and in each of these universes there are multiple copies of each of us living out every possible history path(so this means I’m married to you know who in some of them-ha!).Brian Greene’s explanation somewhat grievously rings of materialism,saying that the different copies of our selves rest solely on the basis of atoms merely repeating precise patterns,birthing another self…This is where Sara and my idea diverges from such a reductionist view.We will insert the concept of a mind or soul existing in multiple states of quantum superposition existing in all possible history paths tying together one consciousness under the influence of Schrodinger’s equation.
So ultimately,even though these theoretical physicists, doctors of philosophy, allude to the idea of sentient beings existing basically for all times ,just in different configuration spaces at other locations,they are mostly silent on the subject.where me and Sara are blatantly subscribing to the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics

Travis M Smith
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