Kyle Adams

READY TO BEGIN THE CONVERSATION by Kyle P. Adams (aka: “Governor”)

How does one begin an introductory blog posting designed to tell others about yourself trying to paint oneself in the best light while not looking pompous or self-centered? Well here goes my best shot–

My name is Kyle Adams, though inside they call me “Governor” (a nickname oddly enough given to me by a old crystal meth head back in the jail which just seemed to stick). I am a single mid-thirties, white male, inmate incarcerated in the Virginia Department of Corrections in Chesapeake, VA, since November, 2014, on a sentence scheduled to complete in January, 2021. While I am locked-up, I am so much more than a man wearing convict blues. I am a father, an avid reader, a jet skiing addict, and a politician emeritus.

This is my first and god willing only bid. In my prior life, I was a political consultant who worked to elect conservative candidates at a local, state, and federal level. While I did well politically and and even better financially, I allowed by desire to climb the political ladder cloud my judgement of what was ethically and legally right and wrong, and those lapses of judgment landed me behind bars as the white collar convict I am now. My my have my eyes been opened by this experience.

Despite all the slander, bias, incorrectly libelous media reporting, and the reality of the never ending degradation of life as a prisoner, I have learned life’s priorities rest not in fleeting glimpses of political power, connections, and the pursuit of wealth, but in the love of family, the loyalty of true friendships, and in the simple small joys of life itself. I see now that a man cannot truly know how magnificent it is to have stood a top the highest mountain until he has walked through the deepest of valleys.

I consider it an honor to have been asked to join the Inmate Blogger forum and to share with it’s readers both my story and my perspective from the inside out. So let the conversation begin. I hope you will join in, engage with me, and reach out and connect. Until next time, you can contact me by email at,, or for the quickest response on Jpay using #1531836.

Kyle Adams
DOC #1531836


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