Tommy Williams

Introducing Tommy Williams Jr.

My name is Tommy Lee Williams Jr.
I’m 40 years old and I’m originally from Youngstown Ohio.
I say originally because I have been in prison longer then I can remember being in Youngstown. I was incarcerated 8/17/00 and my projected release/parole board date was 8/17/18. Now my new projected release date is in April of 2023.

Something about me.
I’m a man of God, a Son, a father, a college student, sports fan, and an active member of Toastmasters. I strive to remain positive in an environment full of negativity. I spend most of my time trying to better myself or furthering my education. I am a man with plenty of opinions and views to share on a variety of topics and I look forward to sharing them.

As I stated above,
My name is Tommy williams and my inmate number is 420-268.
I can be reached at or by mail at.

Tommy Williams #420-268
T.C.I 901
leavittsburg, Ohio


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