Dominique L. Dunn

(Introducing My Self To The World) by: Dominique L. Dunn

My Age:28
Intake Date:Jan, 20th 2007.
Projected Release Date:Feb 12th 2027.

I am a aspiring music producer from Dayton, OHIO.
I’m recently stationed at Richland’s Correctional Institution.
I also study philosophy and music theory.
I’ve been down going on twelve years with 8 left, but I have the possibility of an early release do to all the laws being changed for people who were sentenced when they were under 18 years of age.
I love reading books about successful people and what they went through to obtain their success.
I also like books about philosophy and reading the dictionary to expand my vocabulary.
I also esteem the bond of family and genuine friends.
That is just a little about me.

Dominique L.Dunn
P.O Box 8107
Mansfield ,Ohio 44901


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