Eric Hockman

Introducing Eric Hockman

Hello, my name is Eric Hockman #548-617 (prison struggles) every day there is obsticles to over-come in here whether its from other inmates,staff that work here or our own personal issues and everyone works thru then in their own way. I work 6 days a week training and taking care of staffs dogs and its a great job but the other inmates that work there are sissyfied cry babies and like drama which makes it difficult to do my job properly. I’ve been locked up for going on 13 years so i’ve learned how to control my temper and my emotions but its a daily struggle to adapt and deal with so many personalities and attitudes! I have learned there is no way to control anything outside of the prison fence and its a waste of time trying. I see so many people try to control there wife or kids, parents and it gets hard to lay down at night knowing so much would be better if we was just out there again and not in here. I hope people read this and have alittle differrent perspective on how we think and deal with things! until next time!

Eric Hockman
DOC #548-617


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