Kalob Gray

The Struggle by: Kalob Gray

I have been driving myself crazy over this last bit of time! I am ready to put this shit in my rearview and begin a new chapter! It’s like you’ve lived being this young rebel and then all the sudden you realize it’s been decades! People can’t comprehend how hard it is to get out of the system! The recidivism rate continues to stay at 70-80% and nothing is done to change this! If something has a failure rate that high in ANY other aspect of society it would be unacceptable, but since this is a billion dollar business it’s hush hush! Our government gave soldiers DECADES in Federal prison for some pictures taken with a bunch of terrorist while inmates in OUR OWN state prisons are being BEAT to DEATH by C.O.’s with NO repercussions!! The system has people called case managers that are here to help inmates get rehabilitation, but how can someone that hates every inmate or believes there’s no helping inmates get these position’s?! Almost every case manager is hired from within the system, usually a Corrections Officer looking to have weekends off!! I’ve been in the system my entire adult life and can count on one hand the staff who truly cares about rehabilitation!! Our society picks and chooses which epidemics it wants to fight based on information given to us by the government! Look at drug addiction among state inmates and this is classified as a disease just like cancer! I ask you how would you feel if your loved one that had cancer was simply thrown in a cage for years? We have whole movements geared towards raising money for cancer and rightly so call the survivors of cancer warriors! But people who are addicts fighting for their lives are FOREVER seen as degenerates, untrustworthy, and weak! I wonder how people in the FREE world continue year after year vote for taxes directed toward stopping the drug epidemic out there when the same government CAN’T even stop it from coming into the highest security prisons! Doesn’t this seem odd to you people out there!? I wonder how our government can close a restaurant down in a heartbeat if it served food with live maggots in it or used spoiled meat, but then turn around and let it be a normal thing in it’s own high priced restaurants? Instead of paying MILLION dollar contracts to outside company’s for bottom of the barrel services why don’t they use inmates that could easily plant, harvest, and prepare its OWN food!? At one time this was done and it saved states billions, but it became easier to just lock inmates in cells! I can’t believe how people are more concerned about whether Trump tweeted something crazy than they are of their very own judicial systems! I am about to walk out of prison after doing TEN YEARS and I have nothing out there, and when I say nothing I mean NOTHING! And that’s NOT even the thing that worries me most, it’s how am I going to react to things like PDA from a woman, a boss yelling at me, or someone that reaches over my plate of food and I snap! How do you explain to someone that you’ve given twenty bucks to and they act like it’s no big deal when they give it back that you’re plotting to hit them with a fan motor! I am tired of being a statistic and hope that I find someone that can help me in this transition! If you’re reading this thinking you can help me in my transformation from prisoner to a productive member of our community let me know! I just want to break this cycle I’ve been in for 25 years! I will be 43 years old when I step out of here next year and I’ve never asked for help till now!

Kalob Gray #637-976
P.O. Box 120
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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