Major McCormick

Suspense by Major McCormick

I escaped to an empty bus shelter, and watched the traffic. A unmarked car picked up speed, as if it was chasing a ghost. I watched it weave in and out of traffic. I flagged a taxi,” I need to catch some one. heres a hundred dollar tip floor it!” The driver tightened his turban and said “You with me?” in broken english. “yes for about 15 cars its a black crown vic im after” The taxi leaped into 60 miles per hour 70,85 he nicked a passing car suddenly he had turned into evil kanivel. wait, did he just pay homage to a God? The spedometer struck 95 the drivers eyes became beady sweat was forming around his hair line. we passed th unmarked vehicle. “Hey hey taxi slow down, weve passed the some one i wanted you to catch.” He looked through me with a strange darkness, there was a souless journey in his eyes he spoke in his native tongue carelessly. He dove as if life was meaningless. He pointed at a building ahead. Shadows were streaming through his pupils… Maybe this was a suicide bomber or im in a stolen cab.. It was to late to think. I reached over to stump the brakes. The car was headed towards on coming traffic. I wrestled with the steering wheel, he was much stronger than me. He almost smile his teth were wolf worthy. moments like these heightened th movie loses the crowd in the moment. theyre no loner in the seats. They become the characters thougts they want him to win or depending on th heart secretly wish upon his death. In this case it was th lesser of the two evils let him kill both of us and innocent civilians or I kill him. I gave up the wrestle with a trick. I wen for th stick shift as he reached i punched him in the groin he bit my shoulder. the steering wheel was free I grabbed it, abused the brakes and yanked the cab into park. His hand reached my throat and tightened like vice grips…

Major McCormick
DOC #686-167


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