Johnnie Harris

relationships – by Johnnie Harris

as a young black man, I try to figure out this word called love and what it really means? I was once in love with this amazing lady that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with, you see our love and feelings was true, I use to think it was the age, like my favorite singer aaliyah once said ( age ain’t nothing but a number ). i met this woman when I was 20yrs of age, she was 42yrs of age. I always had a thing for older women because of their maturity level, personality, conversation, experience in life, loyalty, the way they carry their self and most of all the word that every human being longs for love. you see age wasn’t the problem, its time. I was sentenced to a long time in prison, for another’s persons crime I didn’t commit. I once thought I knew what love was , but a wise person once told me too that love never dies. I told myself I never wanted to open my heart up to love again, cause of the pain it leaves behind. me and this lady is friends to this day. I do understand her pain and that she just wants to be happy,I understand she older and been hurt before and doesn’t want to wait on time, time is short I understand totally. I truly believe if time didn’t take me for the moment, we would still be together and possibly married. you see we did everything together if love had to be two people it was us, we was like bonnie and Clyde if you seen one you seen the other. we did everything from shopping to movies, walking hand in hand opening car doors, while shopping sneaking off to buy the other a gift, bringing food to their job. you get the picture I’m painting here? recently I found out she’s getting married, her daughter is like my daughter we have a father and daughter my question to you is, really what is love? I just found something out in my case that will release me I am still on appeal. so when I come home and I don’t won’t to do any relationships and the women feel like I’m an asshole am I wrong?

Johnnie Harris
DOC #664-626

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