Derek Lewis

little things, by derek lewis

sometimes it is the little things in life that make life worth enjoying. its a saying we have all heard. BUT sometimes its the little things said in a moment of need, that carry the most weight.
maybe its when your down on your luck and you need cash to get somewhere else to get clean, or someone seeing you, truely seeing you and sipy saying “youve got this”. these were a few case my celly pointed out to me the other day and i made me wonder what were my few moment. we all have them, for me, as recently as today it was a friend telling me that this, this blog thing, got to her. telling me that maybe i could help someone by doing this. and in a world where you live meal to meal and day to day struggling with all sorts of trivial things, having a purpoe carries an enormous source of drive.
it can be litterally someone saying to keep smiling, or not to give up. it could noticing that someone needs one of those moments and being strong enough to set yourself aside to give that to them.
i realize i havent wrote much, but hopefully you get what i am saying…. and if you are struggling, just know youve got this. i might not be easy, you may want to give up, lord knows i have felt that. so im going to close with a quote from a song i like, “its sink or swim, but were to strong to drown.” if youre reading this, please know that i am sending you nothing but well wishes, and hoping that you know, in your heart, that things will be okay. take it one day at a time, youve got this.

Derek Lewis
DOC #92527

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