Landis Talbert

Introducing Landis Talbert

Hey to whom it may concern , I’m Landis Talbert from Cincinnati Ohio I’m 20 years old I have 7 years but can get out in 3 years , my release date is 10-25-2025 my Inmate # is a741-723 and my address to the prison I’m in is
Landis Talbert #a741-723
Leci P.o. box 56
Lebanon Ohio 45036

well a lil about myself I’m 6’1 170 light skin Brown eyes I also make music I rap ,I also have videos on YouTube I’m a good dude I’m outgoing have morals and principals I’m Family oriented I live my life based on Loyalty ,I’m incarcerated for Felonious Assault made a bad decision but that’s my past I’m looking for a down to earth type of woman who can help better my life emotionally , I like older woman but if you young just have some maturity about yo self and ambitious just because I’m locked up physically, Mentally I’m Free and focus on what lies ahead I have positive goals short and long term . I’m looking for somebody I can build with from the ground up I’m a Stand up Pure type of dude I’m very Rare on another note if u Interested Hit me up on Jpay or write me I’m free for questions so don’t be afraid to ask .

Landis Talbert
DOC #a741-723

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