Alan Thrower

DADDY LESS<THAN by Alan Thrower

By One God
Daddy ain’t being the man that he’s supposed to be. he’s hopelessly weak, and Less than she, he’ll never be the Father First, incapable and stuck With the daddy curse, He’s worst and never had a chance from birth, because the roles were reversed. But who woulda Knew that daddy was less-Of-2 Confused and overworked, What Daddy didn’t deserve. Coerced, and made mention of a time when Daddy was Undermined for leaving Child behind. How could he Stay? when Daddies Leave anyway, feeling Less of a man, submersed and over ran by what is deemed A threat, whence the Power of a Woman is what he didn’t respect and more and more Less Daddy showed his neglect, the responsibility of a father is something he won’t except but bothered by the fact that he should still Be a Dad, when everyone knows it makes A daddy Sad. 1.MAN 2.WOMAN 3.CHILD is how the order goes when the universe was built on mathematical codes. So why Put Woman First? is the question you should ask, seeing history has a real shady past and last I should say, Pertaining To all Men………
We are weak Without our Mothers than Daddies are Less <than……..
So find Love through a Woman and love her if you can…….
We are weak without our mothers than Daddies are less <than.
So put Man First, and be strong if you Can.
We are weak without our Mothers Than Daddies are less <than………..

Alan Thrower #AI1509


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