Daniel Carnes

Ashamed of the Gospel (part 2), by Daniel Carnes

The Gospel message is the most powerful force in the universe.It is the power of God Himself.This message is that God sent Jesus to redeem,or purchase back our eternity.Jesus went to the cross for our sin,and took upon Himself our curse.He took the penalty for every violation of God’s law.You may say,”Which law?” Well,God says to “be holy,for I am holy”…so,let that sum it all up! None of us can be holy,because we,by our very nature,were born in sin.Therefore,we have all violated God’s law in one way or another. God cannot lie,nor make mistakes.So,every person is guilty, because they are not God.But He is so loving,and so kind.He has not left us without help.He has opened the door for us to be counted holy…to be counted as righteous…when Jesus took the penalty for sin at the cross,and died,He was then buried,and on the third day,God raised Him again to give us a new option.We are able to be made righteous through our faith in Jesus,and this message.If you believe that God raised Him from the dead,and you confess that Jesus is Lord,you will be saved.You will be MADE righteous! Not by your good deeds,or efforts.That would be self-righteousness.That is called pride. But just as Jesus did no sin,and was made sin,so too,we that have done no righteousness can be made righteous! I want to share with you that this will revolutionize everything about you.This is the key to living victoriously.If we think about how “sinful” we are,and how we don’t measure up,friends,we will continue on falling short,and not measuring up.But if we focus on Jesus,and what He has done,something very different happens.When I focus on it,and rehearse it to myself(that is what we mean by meditating),I begin to believe it.When I believe that I am the righteousness of God in Christ, the righteousness takes over,and awesome things begin to happen in me,and through me! Why?Because its GOD’s righteousness!Its HIS power.I never pray and ask God to “help” me do anything.What I do,is get out of His way and let HIM accomplish things that I cannot.I do not try to perform for God,and try to “be holy” since He is holy.I trust that what Jesus has done is good enough…I trust that the HOLY Spirit is holy enough within me! That is what faith is all about,my friends.And I am at such peace.I mean to tell you,I have come to truly just REST.I am at rest,because I don’t have to work for my salvation.I AM going to Heaven.I don’t have to earn God’s favor.I don’t have to fast,or pray for hours on end,or go to church services,or any other activity to gain God’s approval.Those are all good,but they do not measure up to God’s standard.It can only be given as a gift,and I have received it.It is wonderful.I find myself doing more and more good deeds…its easier to avoid a slanderous conversation full of gossip.Its easier to forgive someone.I just keep looking to Jesus.I don’t chase things to fulfill me inside,because I’m already full!! I feel so alive,and I don’t seek the kind of thrills I used to.Its because I KNOW I am the righteousness of God,Himself.And I’m happy to tell anyone how simple it is to be reconciled to God.He so loved the world that He gave His Son,so that through the simplest thing…belief in Jesus,you would not go to hell,but have eternal life. Some messages are not so simple.Some ministers don’t even realize they are taking the focus off of Jesus. They might tell you “7 Things that Hold You Back,” or any other reason(s) why you can’t have a perfect relationship with God.Be cautious of ANY message that does not bring you and God together,because THAT is His will.THAT is His ultimate purpose! The message is loud and clear…God loves sinners,and He is calling everyone home.He has made it possible for you to be made righteous,in Christ!How would you like to know that you are seen as righteous in God’s eyes?I have no problem sharing this message.I don’t need to write “sermons,” because I’m not ashamed of the Gospel. So,I urge you today,friend,if you want to know God,all you have to do is believe that He raised Jesus from the dead,and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord.That’s it.You don’t have to work for it.You just receive it,because its a gift.Then,I would encourage you to begin to meditate on the fact that you are the righteousness of God in Christ.Let that deep truth change you from within.Begin to enjoy God’s love,instead of being afraid of Him.Be excited that you are going to Heaven,and He will NEVER turn you away.You will easily thank God! And let’s continue to share the Good News with others. As we all come to focus on Christ,then there will be such great unity amongst believers,and God will dwell in our midst.Think of the effect we can have on our friends and loved ones,and all the world around us. Then we will all be like the Apostle Paul,and not be ashamed of the Gospel.

Ashamed of the Gospel (part 1)

Daniel Carnes
DOC #404-171

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