Stacey Gordon

Welcome To My World By Stacey Gordon

At the young age of 53
I have been blessed with many talents and skills.
I live my life as a activist with a special heart for the marginalized and those at a disadvantage in life.
My motto is….
I would rather stand alone with the truth than to stand wrong with the multitudes.
I believe that I am called to impact, impart, and inspire others to be their best self.
I believe that it is imperative that those who are able should live life in a way that educates to elevate our community of people to the next level of social achievement.
I am thankful for this invaluable opportunity of being able to reach out to a plethora of people from all genres of culture and intellect.
I believe in speaking my truth, therefore I am fearless as a person and as a writer.
I do not write nor converse to appease people nor to attack people.
However, I will speak truth and pray that as a visionary and as a man on a ministry mission, who is sent to whom ever will receive my counsel, that I have a moral obligation for responsible journalism.
I have a Bachelor’s in Theology, a Associates of Arts in sociogy, and a degree as a clinical drug counselor needing 40 hrs to be a licensed drug counselor.
My maximum release date is 8-2-2019, yet, I can leave earlier if I am granted clemency or transitional control which would grant my freedom on 2-2-2019. Either way, I am blessed to be on my way home to start my family business in the ministry, in addition to working with a youth center.
I am a published author with a book entitled the uncompromised truth soon to be released.
I pray that those on this page will bless others as you’ve been blessed.
I hope that my writings will be thought provoking and motivational to readers may God bless you.
Your fellow servant

Stacey Gordon
DOC #r151-919


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