Jeffrey Tobias

“TRYING TO MAKE THE TRANSITION; The Prison System/Life of New York State vs. The Prison System/Life of The State of Ohio”, By Jeffrey Tobias, Part VI

My SOCL 262 Alcohol, Drugs, & Behavior Professor, Mr Montero, excuse my Dominican, is his favorite saying because he has a strong Dominican accent/dialect, and when he tries to explain certain things his “Dominican” gets in the way 🙂 (ha,ha,ha). He’s cool. I was 1 point shy of obtaining an “A”. I can’t blame anyone, but myself. I was going through some troubling times at that moment, so I didn’t even study for the mid term. Once my score came back I was like, “Oh, HELL NO (It was a 76 or 78) NEVER AGAIN!” He could’ve gave me an “A” though, because my Term Paper was excellent. I wrote my paper on coffee. I bet a lot of you didn’t know that coffee was illegal at one point in time, just like cocaine and heroin were once legal. Yeah…read up on that. Also, you think those little drug wars ya’ll see in the movies are about something, like New Jack City; that ain’t shit compared to YOUR’S TRULY, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA & HER MAJESTY, THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND. They jumped on and beat the shit out of China; because China didn’t want England dumping HERION into their country because the whole country was addicted to the drug. China was the first COUNTRY to experience an opioid crisis. France and the United States helped Her Majesty murder, rape, and pillage China. Prison populations were built on drug wars; they got a lot of nerves. Total Hipocracy! He gave me a 95 on my paper, but he could’ve gave me a 98. I didn’t have one mistake on that paper. All my commas, quotations, periods, semicolons, and citings were correct. But, I aced my Final Exam, which pushed me to the “B+”. I ended the class with an 89%. Damn! I personally messed up my GPA on that trip.
My SPCM 110 (Oral Communications) and FRSM 101 (Freshman Seminar) Professor, I’m upset that I can’t remember his name; it’s on the tip of my tongue. But, he definately worked with me. I was sentenced to 6 months in the box (in New York)/the hole (in Ohio), and once I was released I was kind of an introvert. After that I was sentenced to 90 days in the box/hole. After experiencing that level of mental trauma, I couldn’t/wouldn’t talk to anyone unless I REALLY knew them. I had to have been in a previous prison with you, and we had to have been cool while we were there. So, he gave me a lot of leeway because I couldn’t/wouldn’t talk in front of the people in the class room. I’ve been seeing those same prisoners since 2008 to 2017, but that didn’t make us cool. Our Prosessor wanted us to share some real intimate details about ourselves, and I wasn’t comfortable with doing that while 20 of the 25 were in there. He understood it was going to be a process with me, and I APPRECIATE that he empathized with my situation. I received an “A” in Freshman Seminar and a “B” in Oral Communications. I’m just now getting myself back on track with talking in groups with other people. I really needed that class. I use to be real outgoing, the life of the party, the class clown, and the center of attention. All that’s gone now; but it’s starting to slowly, but surely come back.
LISTEN! I’m REALLY SALTY at the HIST 105 Professor, I forgot his name, but it starts with an “M”. Professor M. grades you on how many classes you missed, class participation, tests, and reaction papers. Now, hospital emergencies and F.R.P. (Family Reunion Program/Conjugal Visit) Visits don’t count towards your absences. Now keep that, and the fact that he’s in a interracial marriage (he’s white and she’s Black) into account, and in the forefront of your mind and YOU tell me if I’m lunch’n (crazy), or not. We were told that we could write about anything we wanted that was discussed in class. But…Don’t write about SLAVERY. Now that’s ludicrous, within itself, to even make a “suggestion/demand” like that, in a prison classroom full of African American students. He said it was because he didn’t want 25 papers on slavery, but he’ll accept a “COUPLE”. But, I’m assuming it’s because of his marriage. I intentionally used “assume” just in case I was reaching. Well, I was one of the “COUPLE” who wrote about slavery. He gave me a “B” on my paper and I was LIVID!
Professor M. really didn’t believed I wrote the paper to begin with, because he said ” I believe this paper had origins in another class.” That really PISSED ME THE FUCK OFF! You see, what he didn’t know was that my previous two classes almost turned me into a racist. I took two Columbia University courses: V3711-001 States of Anthropology (States of Confinement), which is about “The Man” designing the system, and all of it’s laws, to entrap the Black Man into modern day slavery, i.e. PRISON! And Race and Trauma, which is another TRUTH telling, eye OPENING course. I felt like Denzel Washington after he made the movie “Malcolm X”; he said he couldn’t make a movie with a White woman as the lead actress, because he was still stuck in his Malcolm X character, something to that effect. I never expected America to be guilty of having incubated a scheme that was so methodically and strategically planned out, in a slow and ardurous process, that it hatched centuries later (over 500 yrs.), until I read it with my own two eyes.
This topic opened up a whole new can of worms; I’m running out of space, so I’ll have to continue this in Part VII. As you can tell, he really made me mad. I wanted to KNOCK HIM UP SIDE HIS HEAD for insinuating that I plagiarized someone else’s material. They probably would’ve cancelled college altogether. Anyway, until my next installment, I can be reached via JPay; go to your app store, on your MOBILE DEVICE, and search for JPay. Once located, type in Jeffrey Tobias A704109, Richland Correctional Institution. If you’re reading this and you have a Love One in Sing Sing CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, send them my regards.

Sincerely yours,

Jeffrey Tobias
DOC #A704109

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