Antonio Coleman

This is a fraction of my most recent work of art: by ANTONIO COLEMAN


I’ve done the math still im willing to pay that price, what is there left to loose when you’ve given up half your life,before I burn this offering I’ll bowel my head once or twice, just maybe this deity will take my sacrifice,
Sacrifice I give it up, bury it won’t dig it up, hopefully its big enough, hopefully you give a f***, if I slit open my wrist, and give 40 blood drops a whisk,mixed with discipline and focus, served beautifully upon a disk, what is this? this is what it takes to make an angel cry, apology sent to the sky, but your tears increase my food supply, yet the things we truly hunger we rarely conquer tell me why, when your allowed to fail, your not allowed to not try, let’s embrace it most of us find foolish ways to replace it instead of turning to face it so we loose everything, just to find out the very thing, you avoid is the answer to all your prayers, life is difficult to enjoy when your fears become your cares, please close your eyes and stare, at the pictures I’ll repair, reminding you why their there, no one said it would be easy and life is certainly not fair, but if you are to reach the heavens you must climb every stair,
Thanks to all readers for lending me there ears, eyes, and time. God bless you,from MV.

DOC #736-922

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