David Bonner

Introduction, by David Bonner

My name is David Levelle Bonner. I’m 25 years old and my birthday is December 1st., 1992. I’ve been incarcerated in the Ohio judicial system since September 3rd., 2011 and won’t reclaim my physical freedom until August 28th., 2023. A little about me; I’m a cool, calm and collected young man who made a few mistakes in his pass but who hasn’t. I’ve had what I would call a troubled past. Dad never around, mom mentally unstable and grandmother on drugs. I acted out because I lacked a positive role model to help me understand my surroundings and myself as a person. I also take full responsibility for my actions. As I blogg more I will speak more on my childhood and present life. Since I was young my only way to cope with my situation was to lose myself in a book, my drawing, my music and recently a new found passion for writing. I’ve never been able to express myself vocally. My words seem to get jumbled in my head and come out my mouth wrong but when I write it seems just right. I’ve always wrote poetry and music but about a year ago I decide to write fictional Urban novels. I have multiple ideas for different genres of books but I feel Urban novels would be a good start for me. I’ve completed one called F.O.E{Family Over Everything} and I’m in the process of three at once. I’m new to the blogging world and its inner workings but I’m a fast learner. Trust me this won’t be the last you hear of me. My contact info is simple, David L. Bonner A621053, P.O. box 56, Lebanon Ohio 45036 or get at me on Jpay.com… Thank You for your time… Have a nice day… Saries ||

David L. Bonner
DOC #A621053


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  1. Nice to meet you! I’m sure you’ll find WordPress too be full of support. Life can change the second you decide it will:) I also love to draw and write! I’ve just started blogging this year, and it’s amazing! Good luck:) looking forward to reading more


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