Alan Thrower

GOD RAP by Alan Thrower

By One God
They say Repent so I sits and observe the words Never slur, authentic referred By Prophets that spoke words, I herd from High priest, in Christ you might seek, the fight that I Teach. I’m mighty and complet defeat, you won’t beat I’m stepping on concrete and have faith in Yo GOD, neglection a mind sweep, I’m testing Yo Mind peeps, if anyone Believes that getting Yo Life Straight say a prayer on Yo knees I freeze and breeze through, Leads to be true, deeds to please you which frees a Hebrew, never Underestimate the Name for God’s Sake when I’m really teaching Love it’s opposite of the Hate erase I won’t wait, the time is almost here in seeing which one of y’all gone bow down in fear. I hears the demons talking, iss Nothing I expect, my angle up onna Right saying GOD has resurrect I’m blessed with no stress. So come Mess wit a holy man, and change Yo ways in the best of a holy Hand. A grown Man can change his ways and he gave God’s Glory the holiest praise, Many days onna ends of time and exposing Yo mind, Original thought in knowing the times. Walking around wit No state of Mind, Never seeing the signs, So committed to these Felony crimes and a melody Rhyme Could take shape right here onna spot, set in Place from The Order of Mot, and you know it won’t stop, I keep Thot in My prayers and dreams, Steady chasing these powers that spring, for my Beautiful Queens that gave birth Right here onna Earth And made Kings, Put Fertility First………….

Alan Thrower #AI1509


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