Stacey Gordon

Free Yourself By Stacey Gordon

Growing up I was always a voracious reader.
I escaped from reality as a young man through reading Harlequin romance novels.
When religion transitioned from being a message of fire and brimstone into being a message of forgiveness, grace, and love, I became Interested and started to read the bible.

An interesting thing happened right away!
My life took a turn once I read what The creator of heaven and earth spoke about me in
( Genesis 1: 26-28)
The above narrative stated that mankind was made in the image and likeness of God.
This revelatory knowledge allowed me to free myself from the labels and titles and names that other people had put on me over the years.

My consciousness arose as I read more of the bible and discovered where God himself changed Abrams’ name to Abraham and Simon bar Jonah’s name to Peter.
In both instances, their name was changed to fit the purpose that God had for both men’s life.
Abraham’s name mean the father of faith, while Peter’s name carries the meaning of small stone.

What’s fascinating to me is that only a parent has the right to name a child. Therefore, this occurrence in the bible cemented the truth of why Jesus said pray: Our Father who art in heaven.
Christ was teaching us relationship.
He was revealing to us that we are the children of God.

Today, I realize why God said the righteous man falleth seven times.
The creator of the universe is letting us know that even when you mess up in life, when you make mistakes, when you miss the mark, and when you just simply act a fool…
Who you really are have not changed, even though you sinned, you are still righteous in the eyes of God because holiness is not based upon our personal acts of goodness but upon the relationship we have with the father based upon our acceptance of Christ as our lord and savior.

Understanding that in Christ I am free from judgement and condemnation, I have the liberty to live life without fearing that if I mess up that God will punish me.

Today it is a blessing to instruct people in the wisdom that they can free themselves from being people pleasers.
You don’t have to live like other people want you to live just to be your friend or to get along.
Free yourself from allowing people who try to redefine you by calling you a nigger, pimps, players, hustlers, dog, dirty red, low life, strippers, hookers, t.h.o.t.s, thugs, gangsters, gold diggers, or stank.

Free yourself from the people places and things that enslave you to negative energy and ensnare you around negative people.
Always think about who God said you are!
I’m a king and a priest.
You can’t redefine me because I know who I am.
I also understand that the power of life and death is on the tongue.
God spoke the world into existence. Therefore, words is not originally for language, words are used to release spiritual power that affects change.
Truth speaks a heavenly language of faith.

This is why it is imperative that as parents, mentors, adults, and civic leaders that we govern how we speak to our children and to the youth in general.
When we hear folks say you are no good, you’ll be just like your lazy father, or you will never be nothing, you are stupid, crazy, clumsy, or regarded.
Those words are pronouncing negativity and death over people’s life.

Children, once they receive what adults have spoke over their lives as truth, their lifestyle becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, which often leads to an early death, incarceration, or a criminal unproductive life.

See yourself the way God defines you.
Free yourself from claiming sickness over your life, speak positivity over your circumstances.
Don’t accept being belittled due to being divorced, or due to having kids out of wedlock.
That doesn’t make you a loose or a no good woman.
A man who is unemployed, and struggling with multiple baby mother’s doesnt mean that he cannot be a good brother. Speak love and life into him!
We have to free ourselves from stereotypes and preconceived notions about who we are based upon our past.

Jesus couldn’t perform miracles in His home town because the people there saw Him as a carpenter instead of receiving the truth about who was as the Messiah, and they missed their blessing.
Its hard for people to see you as who you are today, when they have seen you do certain things in the past.

However, free yourself from the opinions of others.
stand tall and walk with your head up, you are more than over comers you are conqueror’s.
Free yourself from detrimental relationships, from bad habits, from bad influences, and from negative surroundings that keep you from growing.
Free yourself from those who are dream killers, inspiration breakers, and lack of supporters.
Surround yourself with like minded people, challenge yourself to excel, free yourself from those who enable your weaknesses and excuses instead of pushing you to educate to elevate.
Its not important what gossiping folks say about you, its what do you say about yourself?
Even the righteous fall seven times
if that’s you get up!
if you allow yourself to be redefined you’ll have to live up to that name…which will cause you to live a life outside of God’s purpose.
He never made you to be a drug dealer, a prostitute, or a killer.
Can a flower bloom outside of dirt?
can a fish live outside of water?
anything outside of purpose will wither and die due to trying to survive outside of God’s reason forwhy you were created.

Free yourself from whatever is holding you back from being great.
God is almighty and great, and we were created in his image and likeness.
So why would you want to be less ?

Stacey Gordon
DOC #r151-919

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