Max McBride

by Max MCbride

Part 1
Fatherless child 2

Fatherless wit little hope
Mom so emotional ,she scare you
Ya Uncles you think cool is just old fools
like hamsters in a cage on they spin cycle
Society looking down on you
You see other kids wit Fathers dropping
them off at school
And you wondering in ya mind
what that feel like?
No one to teach you how to play sports
or things to say to ya first date
So we the Fatherless child, rebels
And do what we think a man is suppose
to do
And the things we think a men is suppose to do
Is all the wrong
like disrespecting women to make are self feel superior
When in reality we are insecure and confessed
Not knowing that there is real love outthere for us
And I not only speak for the blackmen
I speak for all humankind no matter the
race ,that has no Father
Because having a Father means alot
And I feel like society don’t really understand that
So I would like everybody to be open-minded and found ya Father if they still
alive and forgive them then start all over
Because you know why
Are heavenly Father forgave us

Social Media 2

I’m in a cell 3 seconds away from freedom
But I do have a TV and I have a phone to
call outthere and I keeping seeing and hearing the same thing
Now I brought you Social Media 1
But it seem like y’all still caught up in the
How can y’all live in space when our
responsibilty is earth
Family’s is breaking apart on social media
People are getting set up and kilt from
social media
Females young and older are getting raped from meeting creepy sick guys
I feel like social media is sin
If its not used responsible
So what are we the people gonna do?
Instead off letting this robot control us
Before its to late
Look around technology is taking are jobs and the government don’t care because they control everything
World wake up everybody where is the love!

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513

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  1. Being fatherless in growing up is difficult. I wasn’t really close to either of my adoptive parents. As I got older, and have had children, I see the truths in what his roles should have been in my life. I’ve come to terms with that. You can only do what’s best for you … Life become so enriched that way.


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