*A Thin Line* by Sean Brown

It’s impossible for Love to become hate.
Well, Real & Actual Love that is.
See, Love is not dependent on whether another performs certain deeds,
Acts in an approved manner, nor returns the same level of depth that one expects to see.
It’s selflessly unconditional & needing only to give,
To be expressed is its own reward because it’s not about the show biz.
Now, possessiveness & desire…,
The need to own & be validated by someone else’s fire;
These are the feelings that root deep & germinate,
Nourished by fear & the ego, they easily blossom into hate.
Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Mine, Mine,
This Mentality’s mistaken for Love everyday & sadly it happens all the time.
Attraction is not enough, for it is temporal, forever changing,
Lust can light a blaze which sets the highest mountaintop flaming.
So, while it can bring life, it just as easily destroys, burning a home to the ground.
That’s the thrilling danger which can rage for miles & miles around.
Never confuse the two, ‘less You wind up playing the fool,
Love & hate are worlds apart, the line between’s a wall that’s indestructible.
If You’re don’t believe this truism, just check, “Who do I Love? Why?”
As You answer, it becomes clearer that Love is a Connection which will never die.
It’s a Bond Eternal surpassing standards of accepted logic,
Status Quo would have Us looking for some form of emotional profit.
Yet, to Love is divinely inherent in Us all,
While hatred is a learned behavior & the cause of many people’s fall.

Sean Brown
DOC #1083630

Categories: poems, Sean Brown

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