Terry Allen

#Power Abusers. by; Terry Allen (aka Gunzally Savage)

Welcome to an hidden world of steel…radiant racism..breeds these evil defaming castigators of… intimidation & discrimination…these perilously vindictive (L.e.I.C. OH) prison staff…are rank craving slave masters of today.
PLEEZ….understand… Retaliation Is Prohibited!!! for staffs & inmates.
You better not complain about the unhealthy tags & the chains of life smothering sufferings Mrs Nail…Mr. Snively & Mr.Dan Hudson prea labeled
You as an potential abuser! just cause you wrote her & (then) Mrs.H up
like in 2014! for going out their way (lying) telling inmates “Stay away from Terry Allen…he’s an GAY-RAPIST!”
For that write up I surely got it real good (Mrs.Nail & Mrs.H) they put an (c.o.) hit on me…while cuffed-up w/ my hands behind my back..I got my face bashed & banged into an stairwell brick wall repeatedly for writing up those female staffs for slandering my name…the way my face was being powerfully rammed into that solid wall I really felt I was an deadman.
that was retaliation-1
which…such…this Leci-administration supports this behavior…
so let’s leave tommow around the corner…
Now, 19months ago…I begged Mr.john Saxton to please place me in safe-housing.. because my cellie was repeatedly asking me what I was lock up for? & he was asked by staff Mrs.nail..are U gay miller? why u asked me that he said…”because your in the cell w/ Allen!” she stated.
two days later my cellie inmate miller jumped off his top bunk on me punching all in the back of my head & my face w/ a fist of painful blows.
stay in tune to the facts of # Power Abusers.
hope there madness don’t hurt me or end my life cause these vindictive evil ppl personally really steel try’na get someone / something done to me!
this is not an game- I am human!!!
its 2018! but I’m being treated like distortion… like its 1818….
better way to put it…like an LeIC white-shirt once told me your dumb ass mother should of had an abortion b4 giving you a chance at life!

Terry Allen
DOC #487358

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