Stacey Gordon

Loving You By Stacey Gordon

Unbreak my heart by Toni Braxton echoes softly as a silhouette of shared emotions.
Past relationships though somewhat unforgettable, the memories of hurt and pain timidly evaporate in the presence of a trusting conversation.
Soothing words console leary affections as two charming people surrender to the hope that can only be found in the
healing hands of a deep massaging love.
Eyes of need gaze into eyes of understanding, as the crooning voice of Toni Braxton encourages her lover to unbreak her heart, and say you love me again.
Nervous hands reach out…exploring, seeking, learning to believe, and craving to be fulfilled. Lips of heightened anticipation move forward and part in a thirst to give and receive as swirling tongues taste and enjoy the nectar of the sweetest kiss that either could ever remember.

Tears slowly fall in sensitive happiness, alas, life is rewarding and satisfying to no end. Each tender caress is an answered prayer. The spirit of unbreak my heart transformed the atmosphere.
The magnitude of the song seemed to have been written with this gentle but explosive moment in mind.
Clothes descend like the sunset as each article of clothing drift to the floor as if caught up in a warm summer’s breeze.
Say you love me again resonates in the easy listening of entwined bodies as they speak a private language as ancient as time.
Hot lips leave a trail of urgent need across the soft sexiness of femininity that was built like a sculpture etched out by a sex fiends mind.
Moans and groans linger throughout the night as Toni Braxton’s subtle crying gives way to the powerful romantic interlude by Jaquees entitled Bed.
Some things in life are unforgettable, some things happen in life that leaves such an impression that once it occurs your life will never be the same.
This is one of those moments, where exotic memories are created that even time can’t erase.
Flesh compliments flesh, each touch erupts into another desire to feel and to share from the deep well of love that continues to pour out every ounce of passion and sensual intimate need.

As souls collide in bliss words of declaration stroke the ear with the faintest whisper, that both reassures and tantalizes.

Loving you is more than a dream come true. Each moment in your life is being a part of the most beautiful experience that a person could encounter on this side of heaven.
Your smile warms my heart, your laughter enlightens my life, your touch electrifies my senses and awakens my every desire.
Loving you is the most precious reality that even my wildest fantasies fall short of.
What you mean to me is beyond words, its beyond measurement, its beyond comparison, you are truly unique and absolutely one of a kind and second to none.
Loving you gives me such hope, when ever I think of you my thoughts are filled with mental pictures that show us enjoying life and traveling the world in our old age having loved and been loved in ways that leave a legacy behind for others to witness as a love affair that God has blessed with every heartbeat, and through each breath that kept us alive to love again like this unforgettable night of passion.

Loving you opens my eyes to just how special and beautiful humanity really is. Everything that people were created to be as an expression of love, friendship, and equality is what I see when I look into your eyes.

Each kiss deepens, every touch intensified moment by moment… enslaved by need and the lustful greed to please and be please, sweaty hot bodies begin to race toward the peak of ecstasy, such a body quivering soul shaking adventure can no longer be put off or denied.
An explosion erupts in the hearts of lovers destined to share for a lifetime what had previously been denied them by past hurt and pain.
Tonight love unbroke their hearts in the final minutes of Bed by Jaquees.
Climax after climax spilled over into the night drifting toward the sunrise as loving you could never mean more.
Within the mirror of love is always your reflection.

Stacey Gordon
DOC #r151-919

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