Ken Crawford

by Ken Crawford

Its nothing nice being slammed on lockdown behind these dreadful walls of confinement, where one’s entire existance appears as some ominous impending illusion to wake each day with my face crammed into the concreat wall in which i am housed. Where the only solaceyou have is to transcribe your inner thoughts into words that are cathartic for the soul”cyberspace” is defined as the human imaginationdriven by the data stream of a computer the prolonged concentration in visualization of the unsavory charcter’s(avatar’s of my mother’s book-as a segway to invite you into the physical disfunctional history-in the mean streets of Los Angeles and Detroit, mich. Where i have written a sequel,titled ”BG’S Baby Boy”Scheduled for release @ 2019.)surfing the specifically to you the veiwer surfing the web i am searching for a computer savvy assitant inclined to come help me conduct an aggressive nline campaigne to ignit social media, promote my book and to direct traffic to me here in prison download the app J and direct message me @ d55689

in order to text back and forth with me down load the create an account and direct message me @d55689.

Ken Crawford
DOC #d55689


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