Danny Lewis Jr.

” A Crownless King” by Danny Lewis Jr.

Name: Zion Danny Lewis Jr #A672443
Po Box 901
Leavittsburg Oh 44430

Title : Poem ” A Crownless King”
Striped and deprived of my freedom,
where is my kingdom, when I need em?
All of my treasure , all of the gold,
have been taken away, now just tales of old…
shackled in chains, going threw lessons,
the crown has been broken, but there’s more in my possession,
wise words are meant for the wise,
fools have no clues, they fail to use ,the seeing eyes,
no matter where I am , it doesn’t mean a thing,
threw method and strategy, the crown less, again will be KING….

Titled By : Zion

Danny Lewis Jr
DOC #A672443


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