Stacey Gordon

Sister Girl (The End: Part Four) By Stacey Gordon

My divine caress, my sacred gift from heaven. I want to be the smile that embraces your face whenever you think of what makes you happy.
I want to be the phone call that you make whenever you have something you really need to talk about.
I want to be the light in your darkest moments, and the calm within your storms of life.
I want to be your lover’s eve beneath the moonlight, and your slow dance in a tender moment of sultry embrace.
I want to be the gentle understanding of response that carefully wipes away your tears, as I become the heart touching kiss that melts in your soul with delicious satisfaction.
I want to be the intimacy that shall last long after the lovemaking has ended.
I want to be the hand that holds yours each morning in prayer, and the security of answered prayers knowing that God have blessed us with an undying love from everlasting to everlasting.
I could go on and on endlessly about what I want to do to you and with you..which leads me to say who I don’t want to be.
And that’s alone, living life without you Sister Girl by my side until death do we part.

I Apologize
I Repent
I Stand Reborn

Stacey Gordon
DOC #r151-919

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