Stacey Gordon

Sister Girl (Part Three) By Stacey Gordon

Will you help me, by not accepting poor standards, verbal abuse, and dead beat dad’s just so you won’t have to sleep alone?
Negative attention is not better then no attention.
Having an old broken down car in your driveway is only preventing the needed space allowed to receive a new car.
Sister Girl, will you accept my apologies?

I Repent

Sister Girl, I no longer see you as the always in heat, infamous proverbial B- – CH, the promiscuous female who will let any dog with a bone hump you.
I no longer see you as too mouthy, too sassy, too hard headed, too materialistic, ghetto fabulous and too expensive to love.
I no longer see you as too hood, with too much attitude.
I no longer see you as a gold digger or a replica of Jezebel, the type of woman who always need to be in control, a woman who never listens, or a woman who usurps man’s authority, using your body to get what you want from men.

I’m not talking about prostitution, I’m speaking about physical manipulation that occurs when women withhold sex from their partner to make him conform to her ideologies, and perform a certain way if he wants some nookie.

I no longer see you as less than, or un- worthy of the marriage bed. I will no longer curse you, or put my hands on you violently.
I will no longer plant my seed within your womb and abandon you along with the children that I fathered into this world.

No longer shall I run the streets and leave you home alone while I take life or death chances out hustling taking penitentiary risks.
No longer shall I make choices of infidelity, frequently visiting strip clubs and spending bill money on frivolous things that have nothing to do with having my woman’s best interest at heart.

No longer shall I remain in bed while you bust your butt working one or two jobs, or while you go to church trying to find the answers and be the best that you can be…while I just accept problems, and remain one of yours, afraid to exercise courage and become a part of the solution .
No longer will I see you as any other person than who you are.

Sister Girl, you are beautiful, intelligent, incredibly sexy, unique, special, priceless, and the best quality of life that could ever happen to me!
Through the eyes of love I will always see you this way..regardless of your weight, length of hair, eye color, booty or breast size, skin complexion, or due to how much money you make.

I Repent
Sister Girl, you are not a sexual object, or simply a place late at night to deposit my perversion.
Your sexual gymnastics doesn’t define you as a woman. You are not a feminine sport for play.

I understand that as I apologize and repent from my past behaviorisms that it’s not easy for you.
I know that its hard to trust my presence when my past has displayed nothing but actions that warrant and breed distrust.
Yet, I have repented.
I have been transformed by a renewal of the mind.
Today, I decide to make healthy choices and not argue, fight, curse, act a fool, or throw things, breaking phones, etc.

Sister Girl, we can rebuild what has been torn down. Let’s not blame, criticize, point the finger, or do the I told you so.
Let’s learn from history through a positive insight of yesterday, let’s grow from today into our fruitful future.

I Stand Reborn
I will listen to you and not complain.
I will work and do everything in my power to provide for you as a woman.
I understand that you are not for sell, I’m simply speaking about stepping into my rightful responsibilities as a provider, as a protector, as a monogamous lover, as a care taker to your emotional security, and as a lifetime fatherhood.

I stand today reborn, I stand both courageous and afraid. Afraid to face the many issues of life that are new to me, yet, I am courageous because I will not back down nor away from the challenges and adversity of life.
I am born again, renewed mentally, refreshed of spirit, focused and redirected in purpose while feeling totally invigorated emotionally.
Sister Girl, make no mistake, you are the woman that I need. I can’t do this without you.
You’re brassy, affluent, funny, exotic, intriguing, creative, thoughtful, strong, independent, ambitious, romantic, adventurous, sensual, and a welcolming challenge of love and erotica.

I love you, and together we can conquer the world! We can overcome problems, trials, crisis, or tragedy.
As one we can stand tall, I will never leave you nor forsake you. I’m committed to you.
Love is worth any investment, loving you is worth any fight if love is threatened.
My beautiful heart to heart kiss, you are the breath that gives breathing life.
Not only are you a part of me, you reflect who I am in both divine vision and within creative purpose.

Words are not enough to flatter you. Songs are not enough to express my emotions when I’m with you, thinking of you, missing you, or deep inside the essence of your silent expressions of love that has a language of its own.
Pictures are not enough to capture your true beauty and colorful persona.
Any actions toward you even with the best intentions would fall short or become misconstrued as to what I’m trying to say.
Only time can depict the need that I have to lavish you and ravish you in the deepest giving of love that will continually give birth to a lifestyle that only we can share.

Let’s be a family, let’s travel wherever we are blessed to go, even if its just out to dinner, a movie, out to a nice hotel in a different city, or down the street away from the children.
Together we are a blessing even if its just going for a walk in the park hand in hand.
Whatever I do as a man, and whatever I represent as a African-American man..
I don’t want to experience it without you Sister Girl

Stacey Gordon
DOC #r151-919

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