Joe A. Morris

“Rise .In. Power” (By Joe A. Morris aka Loyalty)

I am from a place where havoc is overstood’
My vision is rooted from being a product of an environment’ that was said to be all good’ THE HOOD…
A place we kill for, while dying in, running around distributing a potent product that is killing,
Trapped in a lifestyle that’s appealing’
While lying in a puddle of blood’ rather it is the racist cop, or our own peoples lack of love’
So who is really a thug? the yung’n who’s heart pumps warm blood’ with the ambition to be accepted, and loved? Or a wicked white man who spills yung’n blood’ because his nature reflects no love’
Selling us designer clothing, that fits snub’ black hoodies that is used to profile the meaning of a thug’
As bullets continue to riddle those we love’
Exploitation, discrimination, hurricanes, and floods’
I am ALL IN with reason to win, and no purpose of dying’ For the time I wasted’ is the reason for trying’ the pain I felt is the reason for crying’ the struggles I overcome is the reason for flying’
I blossom where ever my feet is planted’
Like the rose that grew from the concrete, symbolising the beauty of life despite the obstacles it meets’
While one hand washes the other’
We live in segregation from our own sisters and brothers, cursing one anothers mother, and condemning each father’
Staying focus on bullshit, like being a slave to society is no mans bother’
I ain’t gonna fold, flinch, or bend’
I’m in for life, like a convicted felon without a appeal to win’
Never giving in’
Feeding my WILL the power of discipline’ with powerful insight to unite the nation to fight, and destroy the evil in sight’
I channel my energy, and my pride’ keeping my back strong and my head high’
As death clings to the heels of life, SO I STRIVE…
Which feeds me the ambition to always RISE’…
**I wrote this around the time when Trayvon Martin was murdered. Originally it was name P.L.A.C.E which is an acronym that means: Please- Love- All- Children- Equally. I changed it to Rise. In. Power after the Rest In Power documentary on trayvon Martin.

Joe A. Morris
DOC #a426803


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