Stacey Gordon

Power Privilege and Prestige By Stacey Gordon

Who are we really as a nation of people?
A leader is only as good as his followers.

The message of Jesus would be fruitless if no one followed His teachings.
The Jews would not have suffered the death of six million people had not the German armies followed Adolf Hitler.

How many suicide bombings and wars in the middle east would have taken place free from the followers of radical Islam, and the leaders of terrorism?
The prophet Mohammed led many crusades which led to the murder of untold numbers in the name of Jihad: which by definition is a holy war.

Bill Gates has spearheaded the technological advances on the internet, Warren Buffet, Dave Ramsey, and Suzie O, have given financial seminars that has equipped many many people with the tools to both become prosperous and obtain financial freedom.

Therefore, I must reiterate we are only as good as our followers.
Let’s make America great again was an impactful slogan used as a rallying cry and the Republican mantra in the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

The question is why was this slogan so successful?
Why did it resonate with American’s in such a resound way?

America was given credit to have been discovered by Christopher Columbus and his navigator Marco Polo.
With the extermination of the indigenous people who were living upon the discovered land, via ejection of small pox into blankets, and massive removal unto reservations, the road was paved for Puritans and our documented founding fathers who penned the declaration of independence, and the constitution of the United States of America to uproot one culture and plant another.

Our founding fathers were slave owners. Yet, they sold the belief that this nation would be governed by moralistic principles under the banner of one nation under God.
This hypocritical oath was proclaimed and announced throughout the country.

Pilgrims, and foreigners from the lands of England set sail to escape tyranny in order to freely practice religion, and to build a nation of free enterprise that would establish socioeconomic freedom for those who owned slaves and had prosperous plantations.

Citizens of this new found country were inspired by the dogma of being the land of the brave and the home of the free.
The populace was eager and ready to build a nation, with the best schools, establish their own physicians, install law with private practices, and build empires from property deals, and through taking dominion over the booming land of hope, wealth and independence.

However, the one thing that was missing that would ground people, outside of newly built jails, and courtrooms, governed by the local sheriff and magistrate, was a godly imsge.
In this vein the constitution was written in the spirit of the biblical laws of God.

America was thus established and propagated to the world as a Judea Christian nation.

The populace followed, the leaders of this country.
George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.
The first two presidents were Federalist, and the next two were Democratic-Republic.
These were leaders of the new free country, therefore what examples did they set for people to follow?

The first mindset that was instilled into the populace was that Caucasians had power privilege and prestige by virtue of law, weapons, property, money, and enslaved servants whom they used to build America with free labor.

In 2018 the direction of America is being driven by the same mentality that viewed non-whites as Indentured servants, unworthy of equal treatment, justice, health care, liberty, or godliness.
The mindset of the Federalist was control the masses through law and order that was designed to rule one class with superiority, while freeing another class of people to become rich through free black labor and civilization domination.

Donald trump stated let’s make America great again.
The first question one should ask is when was it great?
Today we are more advanced than ever technologically, we are stronger military wise, we are more wealthy in socioeconomics, and we have higher institutions in education. So where could we have lost our greatness at?
Trump is referring to a era when blacks couldn’t vote, couldn’t hold office, couldn’t marry white women, couldn’t own property, purchase weaponry, and for all intended purposes were in their rightful place as slaves.
Trump’s mantra was a call to resurrect the bigotry and hatred of a racist nation that was built upon imperialism and white nationalism.

The #metoo movement is the result of the same mindset that founded American policy and established this countries culture.
Africans upon the shores of America and women were construed in the same light.

Black men were servants in the fields and in town, used for their brawn and physical endurance.
Negroe women were domestic servants who were used for their work in the house and for the master’s sexual piccadillies.
To white patriarchy, Women in general were second class citizens, who couldn’t read the newspaper, vote, hold office, or be respected for her business acumen or intelligence.

Historically women were made to perform sexually to both get ahead, and to advance in careers. Women were molested for centuries and were conditioned not to come forward due to white power privilege and prestige.
If you were to examine the age of the powerful men who’ve been caught up in the #metoo movement, they were teenagers and college grads during the civil rights era whereas women were expectef to serve men by being bare foot and pregnant and resigned to kitchen duties. Those men are today’s power structure.

We are only as good as our leaders, in 2018 Women are still being raped and harassed.
Women and blacks are still seen as second class citizens and unworthy of love, equality and respect.

Stacey Gordon
DOC #r151-919

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