Joe A. Morris

Introduction by Joe A. Morris

Greetings World;
My name is Joe A. Morris, close friends know me as Loyalty. I am 37 years of age, and, at the age of twenty, I was sentence to 29 years of incarceration. (projected outdate 12-23-29 subject to change, please log on to Franklin county clerk of courts case#01cr5008 for further review)
Honestly, Being a product of poverty, poor decision making molded and cultivated the pathway towards incarceration. Being as young as twenty years of age, yet serving twenty-nine years of incarceration became a stiff reality. A reality that was imposed on a boy with only the misconceptions of what a man’s responsibilities consist of. Being responsible in life, at any age on any scale demands performance.
The greatest appeal in life is within it’s application. The most practical success for me while incarcerated, has been embracing the process of change. Taking the time to challenge my old thoughts, beliefs, and worldview. In order to experience the transition from ignorance to enlightenment, from unhappiness to happiness. Despite, the obstacles I may face. Therefore, we are responsible for choosing the person we are today and are, responsible for choosing the person we live to be tomorrow. I enjoy educating myself and others through life’s experiences. Whether its the pain and suffering one strives to escape, or the peace, love, and happiness we share for the purpose to late. So, I invite you to see through my mind’s eye sight and enjoy these offerings. Feel free to log on to and setup an account for electronic mail using inmate # and name provided, or write to:

Joe A. Morris #a426803
North Central Correctional Complex (N.C.C.C)
P.O. BOX 1812
Marion, Ohio 43301

Thank you for your time and may peace be with you.

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