“BEAUTIFUL 21” (The 21st letter of Alphabet is U) By Joe. A. Morris (aka Loyalty)

Who 21 be is understood to me…
From each aspect & every current of energy’
So open & honest when near’
All that wisdom is known, whether concealed or shown’
Through the struggles from which 21 has grown’
Always willing to be there, creating such warm atmosphere’
Love is what I see & discernment makes my vision crystal clear’
My Knowledge and Wisdom is all I have’
My mind & heart creates fate’
The risk I give, is the risk I take’
Which gives birth to such beautiful stake’
Look at me beautiful…
Can U see that your energy causes my expressions to spaz’
Or dig alittle deeper, for the moment of our presence doesn’t have to pass’
If I could give a rib to create the company & comfort that U delegate’
Then I offer two, because when I look at U’
I can see how past pain & suffering can cause you to escape’
I can see how Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness can relate’
I can also see how two beautiful souls can mate’
Emerging together reflecting qualities of Extraordinary, Breathtaking, & Forever’
Beautiful U are, I will that self is your only one’
The cause, your admiring aura reveals’
The effect, for nothing else is real’
“Beautiful 21”

Joe A. Morris
DOC #a426803


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