Michael Sims

(An Epistle to my Eve) By Michael Sims

Hello Beautiful,
How are you doing? Although I can feel you are not entirely complete, I hope you are well. It’s been so long, I believe it’s a possibility you may not even remember me. Believe me, I understand. Because no matter how hard I try, I cannot for the life of me, project an image of your beautiful face. But every time I close my eyes and concentrate my thoughts, I can feel you. I can feel your beauty, your strenghts, your weaknesses, your longing, your desires, your love. But above all, I can feel your incompleteness, and for that reason alone, I knew it was time for me to write this epistle.
Eve, it’s so long since you and I were spiritually incorporated I can no longer remember what it felt like when we were incorporeal. But I do know the feeling was beautiful beyond the carnal understanding. A feeling you and I have been yearning from the moment ‘our’ spirits came to the realization that ‘it,’ had become plural. My love, long before these vehicles we call bodies were in existence, we were together, in harmony, with the creator as one spirit. But in order to become embodied, we had to be partitioned. But through wisdom, I understand that, although we were partitioned, we were not embodied at the same time nor place. I truly believe this separation of the spirits was an intentional act of the creator to allow us to seek love unconditional. Why do you believe those past relationships, or the relationship you may be in now, did not, or do not, make you feel complete? Why is it you do not feel as if you are being loved unconditional? Why do you think you have had problems fully trusting a man? Some of the answers that are probably going through your mind right now are things like, men just don’t seem to understand me. Men are dogs, or maybe you have been hurt before. But all of those are carnal minded answers to questions that are beyond the average individuals understanding. The truth is, you have never actually took the advice of that soft voice, as people say, in the back of your mind, called, your spirit. My love, I do not know what name has been given to your vehicle nor do I have any idea how that vehicle look. Because the fact, remain, since being embodied, you and I have not met. But what I do know is the amazingly beautiful spirit which dwells inside of that vehicle is my beloved Eve.
Beby I know you are reading this epistle right now, because I can feel your energy, right here, right now, as I guide the hand of my vehicle to write these words, so whatever you do, do not let your vehicle do the thinking. These things are carnal and if not guided by us, they will continue to lead us in the wrong direction. Because they are guided by worry and fear and it is for that reason, I am writing this epistle to you. So guide your vehicle my love. Do not let it guide you any longer. Do what you feel is right. Reach out, place your hand into mine, and lets become one again. Just as we were before we were partitioned and embodied.

Michael Sims
DOC #330476


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