Michael Patterson

You Can Get Yours Like They Get Theirs, by Michael Patterson

I’ve been incarcerated for close to to thirty-two years. In that time I have been blessed to learn about and acquire some knowledge about some things, as well as get an overstanding as to why some things are as they are.

I was only on the streets for some tweny-five years. I was always a person that was fascinated with getting and having the kind of money that the “Rich People” have. I felt (still do) that having that kind of money would allow me to do so many things that would not only make my life better, but the lives of others as well.

In the last several years I have been exposed to an avenue that can and will lead me to the financial stability that I seek _______ The U.S. Stock Market.

The U.S. Stock Market is the best kept secret of poor and marginalized people. There are many reasons in my opinion why this sector of the population is kept in the dark. I truly believe that the main reason is ” to keep people serving at the table instead of sitting at it”. They know that once you’re at the table opportunities become available to you that were once not.

Poor and marginalized people play a big role in their own lack of financial stability as well. There’s so much information out there tthat can lead them to where they’d like to be. They’re not there for one basic reason. They are afraid of venturing into something that is foreign and unfamiliar to them. That is truly sad!!! They have no idea that with a little studying and some patience they can have financial sustainability in their life like the “Rich” does. They have no idea that to do so it is very, very possible for them to turn “a thousand dollar investment into 1.2 million dollars in sixty days. A cannabis company just did that in the last two weeks. That’s an extreme but I just want you to see that it is possible.

People, you put your money in a bank to earn one percent of interest per year, why are you doing that? Don’t you know that you money can earn you one percent a week, potentially even more. Now tell me, which option would you like to have working for you? Which one will likey lead you to the financilal independence that we all desire?

This thing that I’m talking about isn’t hard to do and doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started on your financial independence. Like I said, with a little studying and some patience you to can be on your way to financial stability and have a seat at the table. You work for your money, isn’t it time that your money work for you? This is real and you’ll see that is if you’ll just come out of the darkness .

To anyone who is ready to change their financial status I recommend they read these two books. How to Make Money In Stocks, by William J. O’Neil and Options Made Easy, by Guy Cohen.

People this stuff isn’t taught in the schools of urban communities for a reason! If I have to telll you those reasons then everything that I’ve said has gone over your head.

Right here, right now you have been given the chance to improve your life. At this momentn there’s only one question you should be asking yourself. That question is, “Do I want to continue to be a server, or do I want a seat at the table”?

Somebody talk to me, I talk back. You can email through jpay.com, or you can write to me directly at: Michael Patterson 202-297, 5900 B.I.S. Rd., Lancaster, Ohio 43130

P.S. To those that are willing to learn I will teach. I want “Everyone” to sit at the table.

Michael Patterson
DOC #202-297

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