Major McCormick

Understanding.. by Major McCormick

See the trick is the vision. The vision is everything, with out it you see nothing; you understand nothing. With it, no matter how big, or small the vision, you see what you want to see, or understand. With in myself I have trained my vision to see beyond peoples thoughts. I ignore the ordinary in every chance, an ordinary vision only accepts what is impressed up on it. Extraordinary visualises, and marches towards a vision others see as impossible, while eliminating as many obstacles that present interference. The bigger the vision, the smaller the obstacles become because you understand the course, so it is not an obstacle it is part of your golden opportunity. I dont accept anything at face value, for vision is beyond physical sight. It is the thought of greatnes, productivity,success countering any thought that is counter productive. one wrong thought can cause a collision, one negative thought can end a life, so its counter intuitive to breathe with negativity. Each breath should contain hope, love, inspiration, and the depth of faith, in orientation to your visions goals. I decided long ago to make today a day of accomplishing what i have in the treasure of my spirit, GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!!

Major McCormick
DOC #686-167

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